Our Story

In Recent Years…

Several iconic U.S. mid-century hotels have been reinvented and given a new, contemporary point of view, while still retaining the essence of the era. This transformational movement became the birth of an idea for a run-down motel in the middle of the Brooke-Smith area…

The Word Around Town

Let’s take it back to the good ol’ days…

With chain hotels and Airbnb, we wanted to bring the fun back into staying in a hotel. Whether that be a family trip, a business stay or just stopping by to have a drink, this trendy spot will be the place to be! Some creative minds, a bit of money and a little bit of time have brought this affordable and unique hotel to life!

Jivar Foty and George Giannukos partnered up and took a chance on a site that most gave up on years ago.

A transformation began taking place, and as the Heights House Hotel dream slowly came to life, they rebuilt the rundown motel, evolving something unwanted and unsightly into one of the most artistic and culturally vibrant scenes in the Heights, Houston. It would be a pleasure to have you help us make the Heights House Hotel a one stop shop for everything great that makes Houston, Houston.

“Powered by progressive and sleek design, Heights House Hotel is the center of hospitality. Poised to become a social and cultural landmark for this historically significant stretch of the area’s Brooke-Smith sector, it is anchored by a ground floor emphasizing a locally-oriented boutique lobby, bar, courtyard, pool and restaurant.”

Heights House Hotel